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CoIT: A new take on information technology for the cloud, mobile, social era

It’s been the greatly improved maturity of SaaS, cloud computing, and uber-powerful smartphones that has given this consumer-driven wave of change much of its critical mass. Coming in the next wave, the rise of consumer app stores and what I’ve called enterprise app stores will put another nail in the traditional IT coffin. Finally, there is the whole social business revolution that most organizations are still grappling with, another consumer phenomenon that is breaking across the bow of most businesses today.

Interesting take by Dion Hinchcliffe on “Shadow IT trends” breaking down the walls of the Enterprise IT – and leading the way to the Enterprise 2.0. Very similar analysis to my (German language) posting on “Enterprise 2.0: Breaking down the walls” and my upcoming speech at the Fraunhofer Collboration event.

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